Mystic arts co. is an emporium for all things healing, with the intention to help renew and revitalize you and your environment.  

Our products are carefully curated to help aid you in your own unique self-healing journey. 

Everyone is drawn to unique items to aid you at this current moment of your path.

From our 100% natural essential oil blends, lava stone diffusers to a stunning crystal points, we have something to fit your unique taste.

Our unique products are both stunning and of course functional to add to your overall wellbeing and environment. Each one of our crystals is gently infused with infused with reiki energy to help neutralize and elevate the natural energy / chi for yourself and your space. 


Purpose (our why)

As you know many of us struggle with day to day anxiety, depression,  loneliness and imbalances (body and mind). It is our experience in that spending time each day to re-connect with one's inner-self / source can slowly release stuck energies, correct imbalances and help empower you to heal yourself. Our purpose is to provide you with the tools and materials to do so.

Vision (where we're going)

 In a modern ever changing world, humanity has never faced so many challenges, both on a physical and metaphysical level. We are constantly being bombarded with invisible forms of energy (EMFs), endless feeds of information and misinformation which can send us on an emotional rollercoaster. Our vision is to help re-connect to the 'old ways' slow down, treasure each moment and build a community of connecting likeminded individuals. 

Mission (how we will get there)

First spending time to purifying our environment, change can ripple outwards helping to calm and mind and uplift our spirit and allow the body in a restorative stat of healing. Our mission is to assist humanity in the process of self-healing though love and compassion for yourself and those closest to us.


"Its is the outmost importance to first heal the mind and the body will follow." 

- Joshua Daniel ~ mystic arts co. founder